This is a specialty for Celero Partners. We can scan your casting and deliver a mold, pattern or casting in days. We can 3D print your wax mold in PLA material eliminating the need for the wax mold and pattern. Printing Carbon Fiber or ABS+ patterns for sand saves thousands of dollars and weeks of time. Additionally, we can 3D print sand molds and core boxes directly without a pattern, allowing us to go from no drawing to a large casting in a week. Let us help you reduce weight in your castings by scanning and analyzing the current design or converting it to lost wax or lost foam, achieving a closer net shape that requires less machining.
Let us help you get just the right feel and look for your consumer part. We can prototype that part till it’s right. Save thousands in remaking the actual part and allow us to print it in one of our wide selection of materials.
At Celero, we understand all major manufacturing processes used in industry. We are particularly adept at re-engineering processes in the casting industry. Check out our new technologies for lost foam and investment casting processes. We also design customized machines and cells for a variety of industrial needs.
At Celero we provide Contract Manufacturing and Consulting services. Whether you need advice or the part itself, Celero can help. We can provide Tools fixtures and fully automated machine designs. We can help with Lean and other manufacturing issues and can do the manufacturing for you if you choose.
Prototype medical parts for tools and equipment can be supplied in days. Have an idea you’ve already tested? We can scan your prototype and produce 3D drawings, parts, molds and patterns.