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About Celero Partners: We are a team of product specialists with broad skill-sets

Our mission is to provide services that accelerate our client’s growth in their specific markets. We do this by leveraging our team's broad experiences in problem solving, product design, 3D modeling, software conversion, mobile solutions and marketing. At Celero Partners we provide a unique set of services and support, that accelerates our clients growth. We are passionate about keeping up with and applying the latest technologies in 3D scanning, design, printing and manufacturing. Our depth and breadth, of understanding available, and emerging technologies, and their applied benefit allows us to quickly identify conventional and divergent technologies that will provide a complete, effective and sustainable solution for our clients. We call this Technology Unchained!


Russ Davis founded  Aporia Consulting LLC in 2004, and then Celero Partners in 2015. Originally a design engineer, Russ has been applying various technologies and operating businesses since the early 1990’s. This eventually led to him running a large division of a fortune 500 company, and eventually to a life of entrepreneurship.  In his 30 year career Russ has seen 32 countries and has helped introduce some of the greatest technological advances in the history of manufacturing. He is passionate about developing and applying new technologies and that still drives him today. This passion is also the reason he created Celero Partners.
Prior to Entrepreneurship, Russ managed a number of manufacturing operations applying the latest technologies in equipment design, casting, welding, plastics, motors, pumps, CNC machining and finishing. His manufacturing operations ushered in computerized networks, CAD, lean manufacturing, six sigma, Black Belt deployment, and ISO 9001 and 14001. In his last corporate role, he was the President of a $200M division for ITT Industries with business operations in 5 countries. During this time, he traveled extensively to over 30 countries to form partnerships and manage offshore operations. While at ITT, he was also presented with the President’s Award for environmental sustainability. Russ holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA in International Management and a Diploma from the internationally acclaimed management program at the Ashridge Business School in the United Kingdom.