3D Printing for Investment Cast

Celero has mastered the ability to 3D print materials and densities that now allow an investment cast foundry to replace their lost wax mold with a 3D printed part. This eliminates the time and expense of tooling to produce the wax and allows you to print the quantities you need on demand. This saves weeks in the design process and tens of thousands of dollars in tooling!

Design with Additive Manufacturing Automation

Celero has designed machines large and small. We are able to shave weeks off design and build times by 3D printing many of the parts used in the machines design. Today’s additive technologies often allow us to complete projects in nearly half the time!

Stair Trainer 3D Scanning

You can now find this trainer on YouTube! After building a prototype, our client needed to document and build this unique training system. Celero, scanned the prototype and then using FEA analysis cut the system into sections that could be easily shipped and reassembled on site!

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