Design with Additive Manufacturing Automation

Celero has designed machines large and small. We are able to shave weeks off design and build times by 3D printing many of the parts used in the machines design. Today’s additive technologies often allow us to complete projects in nearly half the time!

Tree Injection

Celero Partners surveyed the market for a tree injection tool and developed a robust tool that disrupted the current technology based on performance, ergonomics and price. The result was Arborjet over selling expectations by 60% in the introduction year and doubled expectations in the first full year!

Patternless Casting Robo Mold

At Celero we have worked with multiple clients on scanning old patterns into an STL file. This allows you to sand print or robo-mold it in sand! (This was printed in an Article)

Contract Manufacturing

Celero’s contract manufacturing business is customized for each client. Besides being specialists in Lean and Six Sigma, Celero can optimize the cradle to grave process for your assembly. For one client we optimized flow and added employe safety measures. This would be the end for most firms. At Celero we don’t stop there. Our client had a space issue, so we wrote an algorithm that accesses their enterprize platform. From there we got a planning print out of exactly what they needed, no daily purchase orders or errors to deal with. We set up there parts on a Kan Ban and produced the outliers on demand. This allows the client to have a pickup daily of only what’s needed!!

Facilities Scan and Design

Celero can scan your entire manufacturing plant or one small cell. This allows you to develop a 3D file and optimize your layout in a new or existing position. Celero recently helped Arborjet create 30% more space while improving efficiency eliminating three seasonal employees and providing better quality.

3D Scanning of Wax Mold

3D Printing Multiple Parts in Carbon Fiber

3D Printed Part to Replace Wax Mold

Custom Designed Tube Cutoff Machine with Carbon Fiber Printed Component

Scanning Large Cast Iron Part

Valve Prototype for Sales

At Celero, our variety of 3D printing technologies allows us to print a number of different materials in a number of colors. This valve assembly is used as a sales tool and is a fully functional representation of the valve.

Scanning Part for Validation of Dimentions

3D Printing of an Impeller for Lost Wax Process

Scanning to Sandcast Pattern